Respect for Russian hackers and fraudsters!

When it comes to cheats for premium currency in games for iOS, Android and your console is, is often money involved – sometimes even much. Recently, more and more scammers dive, Bots and fakes on.

at FIFA 18, Clash Royale or other very popular games, we can more frequently observed, appear that such fakes. They promise you free coins, Gems, Points and the like, but mostly you get nothing.

So you can see the scammers:

It is actually quite simple. these bots, which Russian, Indian and Chinese hackers are created, are often in a very bad German written. Often the Google translator is simply used.

Here is an example of such a Fake:

hacks and cheats
The fraudulent page “” is an example of extremely poor Hacker.

Read it once and you will find, that this no man can have written. It is an automated text, which was probably created by a software.

What do these Faker?

They want access to your account and then steal your items or sell the account completely. Often these articles are then offered for sale such as FIFA coins on platforms like Game Accounts or similar sites. That's their business model.

fake news

so watch always ensure, that you go on no account on one page, in which you can refrain from reading only, that there is an automated or translated text. It will not end well, that we can guarantee you. Never give your personal information such as your password, E-Mail Adresse, Secret code or other free. With you immediately the alarm bells should ring, if someone searches for any private data requested.

Human verification or Survey unfortunately necessary

To prevent just such scammers and fakes of our legitimate hacks and cheats it is absolutely necessary, that we carry out a human verification. Over the last day there were tens of thousands of hits from bots and hackers, who wanted to access our generators. Your goal is to Bots and Macros, which automates requests to our online hack email, to generate enough items, which can then sell them. The goal of Atari-Gamers is it, that players never spend money again for premium currencies of iOS and Android games.

now save time and real money!

Be informed when we publish new tips and tricks. Thus you will save real money and have more success in the game!

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