Currently, there is a new trend in the App Store; Crime games are more popular than ever! We have taken for you the two best games something closer look. Anticipated but let's just clarify times, what "crime games" and even as they stand out.

In "Crime games" you play himself detectives. enlighten you have to find out something or. Here, you need to interact with other characters in the game and hang together produce. Depending on what decision you meet in the game, the story can be changed. Such games are lately very common in the App Store for iOS and Android and enjoy an extremely high popularity. The story and characters make this game so incredibly authentic and popular. You have no special graphics, Control or similar, but the value is really on the action in the game. Here are two super popular games, which have experienced a meteoric rise.

murder in the alps cheats

Murder in the Alps:

From this game, the "big" Developers can abschauen something. The developers of Murder in the Alps have in fact made it, to create a very popular game, without having a very large budget. In the game you have to solve a murder, as the title also suggests. From the plot here it is somewhat reminiscent of the movie "Murder on the Orient Express". or many items. virtual currencies, there is not in play. There are the "energy", with whom you always can continue playing. This seems to have been the best way for developers to monetize the game. If you have not played Murder in the Alps, We would recommend it to you. Here are our Tips and Tricks for Murder in the Alps.

Seven - Deadly revelation:

In this exciting thriller you are not a detective, Policeman or similar, but just an ordinary boy. The game is in the style of WhatsApp. So you have with friends, Acquaintances and strangers chat to get some information. Here you always answer options and the story and the relationship to the other characters can change. Of course we do not want to reveal too much. at Seven - Deadly revelation there is the BICs, with whom you have no waiting time in the game. This you have to buy for real money in the shop of the game.

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