Rumors about the new Call of Duty Black Ops 4 there was indeed last very common. It comes with campaign mode? Is there an online forced? And many more questions were raised. One thing is certain; CoD as we knew it until now there is no more.


The multiplayer has been heavily revised

You might feel as fans of CoD almost, that the multiplayer is different every year. Last year we had the headquarters and many epic possibilities in the game. This year it is again very different. or for newcomers. also old players will be more likely to get used to at the beginning. What is also striking, for example, that the domination mode no Kills display, but goals. This alone shows the, that the multiplayer has been completely revised.

This is the new Battle Royal mode BO 4.

no campaign, but Battle Royale

First time it does not mean, that there will be no campaign. How we will know the developer even at BO 4 give some DLCs, what can you then take you charge. The probability, that a campaign mode will be present is not low, but not high. Actually, the DLCs are often used to new or. to integrate old maps to the game. We must therefore remain tense, ob CoD: WILL 4 will continue to have no campaign.


Without Online else fails

The focus of CoD: WILL 4 was mainly on the multiplayer. For friends of the offline gaming the game is therefore a pure disappointment. Previously, you could always get by playing Campaign, if you've just had no internet or simply desire had a story along with cool sequences. Thus, from this part, unfortunately Final. Overall, we can say the game was extremely overworked. What started slowly in Call of Duty WW2 now at Black Ops 4 taken the full development. Whether this is good or bad every gamer must decide for themselves. Some claim it would kill the character of the game, but some others say the developers or. the game must move with the times - even in real classics like Call of Duty.

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More microtransactions for "Blackout"?

The developers seem of PUBG and Fortnite to have learned, because they earn huge amounts of money with various skins and other items. For fans of CoD, it gives the impression, as if the developers have exactly why put an increased emphasis on the new Battle Royal mode in the game. With a campaign mode you can not earn money, but with Battle Royal definitely. In addition, of course, is the advantage of eSports, which the Battle Royal mode entails.

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