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The grandiose Atari gamers is not only, that constantly new hacks and generator in the pipeline, but that every hack, Various tips and tricks by our community exclusively for you to be created. This is unique and displays a stunning solidarity among gamers.

It does not matter whether you are on the PlayStation, playing Xbox or only on the PC. Together, we pursue a higher goal. Against Mikrotransaktioen and commerce in video games!

star wars battlefront fail

Expansion pack or. DLCs ​​were only the tip of the iceberg. For some years there have been around microtransactions, which are now enshrined in almost every smartphone and tablet game. The most famous games which are well Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, the well-known for the console FIFA Ultimate Team and for the PC World of Warcraft, which were probably the first, which have inserted into an online game gold currency, with which you could buy in-game items.

All the more micro-transactions there are in games, is the higher the rebel players.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was a good game, in which it became clear, that EA has clearly overdone it. It was a game, which was released to generate just about more money. Once on Reddit and other online portals discontent was voiced manufacturers had to row back and have the content in the game changed, that microtransactions are not as extremely important. This example shows us very well, that games are only as good as they are accepted by the players.

clash royale hack deutsch

Here are some of our most popular hacks and cheats for online games:

  • Empires & Puzzle Hack for iOS and Android with which you can generate you free items directly to your account. Empires & Puzzle is a very simple, but popular game. So you reach an even higher level and never have to wait or spend real money back.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Duel link hack for a better deck. You can open packs or you earn cards, who still want to have the best hand and want to win every duel should definitely be our Yu Gi Oh Duel Link hack use, which works for iOS and Android.
  • Clash Royale hack for infinitely many jewels, Coins and gems. Clash Royale is pretty epic game, but unfortunately, jewels and other objects are also there needs to really being successful. With the Clash Royale hack this is now possible now. now try to Clash Royale hacktool on Atari Gamer out!

In addition to these above, we have a lot more generator and Hacks, which just waiting to be used by you wait. Have fun!

now save time and real money!

Be informed when we publish new tips and tricks. Thus you will save real money and have more success in the game!

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