Best Survival Battle Royale Games

Games like Player Unknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite are now extremely popular. Since last year, there is no game, which is often played. Also streamer on and YouTube Gaming benefit from the popular new games, which was unexpectedly within a short time very popular.

The two most popular are probably PUBG and Fortnite, which are available for the PC and console, but there are still some other Battle Royale Games, are which have been developed for the smartphone. Among them are the lightning brigade, Rules of Survival, but also new games, which as suddenly out of the ground. Everyone wants to have his piece of the pie, although survival games really are nothing new. Here we address the most popular games:

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Player Unknown's Battlegrounds or a short PUBG also enjoys extremely high popularity. Meanwhile, there is the game for the Xbox One, which has still face some bugs. Also on the PC, there are still some things, which could be greatly improved. Including but counts the graphics and the gameplay. Streamer as DrDisrespect have become cult and were made in just a few months into true legends. The Korean developers all around player Unknown want to make their game a global franchise. For example, they want to bring it to the big screen, Netflix and of course on other game consoles like PlayStation 4. The Chinese developers "Tencent" (u.a. QQ) the rights in China have secured for the Battle Royale game and have already successful two PUBG offshoot gelaunched. These are so far only in the Chinese App Store available. Whether Player Unknown's Battleground will also appear for iOS and Android in Germany is not yet clear, but it should soon be so far. We have for you in any case a PUBG hack, which will equip you with enough objects.

Fortnite is rather comic style and a mix of Battle Royale and Minecraft. So can you building, paths etc. building and farming material. It mostly but that is the only to survive and turn off all other enemies. That you can do alone or her team. Unlike PUBG Fortnite among other things for the PlayStation 4 available. So, if you have interest in her Fortnite can free download from PlayStation Store. If you Fortnite been playing and your character or. want to expand your weapons can ye buy V-Bucks. No panic, We Atari gamers offer you the possibility, of course, this V-bucks to get free, where her our Fortnite hack apply, which works among others for the PS4. All you need is a working Internet connection and away you go. For several weeks Fortnite is also the most played Battle Royale game and has overtaken PUBG. but that could be due to the fact, that Fortnite on more platforms is available as a player Unknowns Battlegrounds.

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Also for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, there are some very good alternatives when it comes to Battle Royale Games. So you can download Rules of Survival, which extremely strongly reminiscent of PUBG. But altbewehrte games for Android and iOS such as Lightning Brigade offer a very good fight for survival. If you want to have items Brigade at lightning can use their our new Lightning Brigade hack, which works on all versions of the game. This Blitz Brigade hack tool given you a lot of useful items, saving you very much money. Currently, there is no better way to cheat.

Which do you prefer game Battle Royale? Fortnite or PUBG?


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