The three best steering wheel for PS4, Xbox One und PC

Which steering wheel fits you best?

Who's a big motorsport fan or just want to sit it by myself behind the wheel, will have thought about a steering wheel and pedals to purchase. For games like Gran Turismo Sport or F1 2017 are steering wheels for the Xbox One, PS4 or the PC a must. We tested some steering wheels for you.

Logitech G29

LOGITECH-G29-Driving-Force-RennlenkradThe Logitech G29 boasts a great look, a reasonable price and a good technique. Of the tested by us, steering wheels, the Logitech G29 is the cheapest, yet it can with two engines, convince the Force Feedback and the helical gearing. The various button (u.a. Share Button um Live Streams zu starten) are easily accessible while driving. With the Tiptronic behind the wheel, it can be highly loose and supple- and shift down. Configuring and connecting between the pedals, the steering wheel and the console could not be easier. In addition to the brake and the accelerator and clutch is on the pedal - so you are fully equipped.

The Logitech G29 is worthwhile for each player, which wants to spend too much money, but still want to have a professional racing experience.

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Thrustmaster T300 RS


The Thrustmaster T300RS is probably the most popular wheel, which with the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC compatible. Priced it is about 100 Euro more expensive than the Logitech G29, but it also offers a higher quality. Whether the game with the T300 RS is higher than with the G29 and remains a matter of taste. Through add-ons such as e.g.. a clutch and a gear shift the steering wheel can be expanded. Who does not want to fall back on the most popular model of Thrustmaster, RS can be only even on Thrustmaster T150 try. For high-end friends the Thrustmaster T500 RS is available, which is priced set even higher than the T300 RS. The T300 RS itself also has two paddles on the rear edge of the steering wheel. The T300 RS also features 1,080 ° Force Feedback with industrial motor and new, frictionless double belt mechanism for smooth, realistic, fast-response and seamless Force Feedback Effeke. This provides a unique racing experience no more obstacles.

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Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel

fanatec csl elite racing

The Champions League under the steering wheels. The officially licensed PS4 steering wheel is probably the most expensive and most professional steering wheel, which makes it for the Xbox One, are PS4 and PC. It is used by absolute professionals, Which, who are traveling not just for fun on the track, but mostly eSport professionals. It has some incredible features such as a direct sensor on the steering axle, the influences of the belt drive to prevent the measurement of the steering angle or the Single Belt Drive extremely low delay and without palpable clicks, large ball bearings for minimal resistance when driving. Experienced racers know, it arrives in the race on every little accuracy. In the end it is always a race against time. Here is an absolutely professional steering wheel helps, to achieve the fastest possible lap time. The Fanatec CSL Elite Racing Wheel is loved by professionals.

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