FIFA 19 Battle Royal, Last Man Standing und House Rules

Or rather: FIFA 19 House Rules und Last Man Standing?

According to rumors it is a Last Man Standing mode in FIFA 19 give. Other magazines have from a Battle Royal mode (no fun) reported, which in the new impetus modes of FIFA 19 should be. This is called "House Rules" (on dt. house rules), to which above all create variety in the game. Maybe not a bad idea for all those, which up to 40 MUST complete games in the League Weekend. Greetings go out to the professional FIFA eSportler. Let the force be with you.

fifa 19 house rules

What should Battle Royal or. Last Man Standing bei FIFA 19 actually?

You wonder what Battle Royal with FIFA 19 has to do? We wonder us also. For it has nothing to do with it. It should provide only for the small Distractions and. Since the trainees were allowed to let off steam really sleep at Electronic Arts. In "House Rules" it shall namely give different game modes, to which mainly back the fun to the fore. Let there be the aforementioned last man standing mode, can compete in the 5v5 on Kleinfeld against each other. As the name says, is to per goal that falls leave the pitch a player, until only one or. two players left. That could be quite funny - so at the weekend after two liters of beer. It is very much similar to FIFA Street, exactly the game, in which you finally could you Trickery. Meanwhile, the realistic football simulation itself is indeed become a kind of FIFA Street, so that even the smallest, thickest and largest Stokel from Real Life the ball like Ronaldo, Messi, lame, Beckenbauer and Pele dribble in a person by the entire board and 40 can do tricks in succession before he shoots the ball against the post. All this should be in House Rules it now. Battle Royal for FIFA fans. Welcome to the year 2018.

fifa 19 house rules

surfaced pictures of the "battle royal" mode on the Internet

at Reddit and on Facebook a picture is now viral. It shows Ronaldo Juve outfit and Perisic in Inter Milan outfit, which face each other. But something is different than normal. Because in the middle there is a list, respectively 5 Players of each team shows. Among them is a picture been reingephotoshopped, which obviously comes from FIFA Street. It even looks damn strong for FIFA Street from, which allows only one logical conclusion: It must be the new FIFA 19 act.

fifa 19 houserules

escalate rumor mill again on

Not only in RL there are rumors of clubs, Players and so on, but also in video games eye is made. Especially with FIFA 19 there is a rumor after another. For those, who have otherwise emulate anything or soooo much on FIFA 19 looking forward, just to make it haten few days after the release, because it is garbage again. The rumors concerned with earth-shattering issues such as "Is there the Fortnite dance as goal celebrations?“ or "Will the VAR video evidence in FIFA 19 give?“. It makes perfect sense, of course,, that in a video game, consisting only by algorithms and scripts, to undergo a video evidence, because as everyone knows, the referee in the game are real people, and people can now even make mistakes. A script, however, is only one script, which rarely failed (Ok, we are talking about FIFA).


Let's see what else so we expect in the next few weeks.

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