The new FUT icons at FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

Every day new information about FIFA 19 Out. Such as the new mode "House Rules" or other new game modes. Today we have for you the new icons at the start FUT, which is at FIFA 19 will be Ultimate Team. Among them are some well-known face and also real blast. Of course, a German player is represented.


These are the new FUT 19 Ikonen


1Claude Makelele

The former French international, has which played at big clubs like PSG and Real Madrid CF will now be available in FIFA finally.



The legend of Real Madrid and entertaining even players from FC Schalke 04 is at FIFA 19 be back. With his great skills of the Spaniards will achieve one or another important goal.



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With its super high speed- and Dribblingwerten is the Portuguese a real monster storm. For many, he is next to Cristiano Ronaldo the best Portuguese player in history.


4Frank Lampard

The Englishman, which especially is extremely popular with Chelsea FC fans will receive this year's FUT icons card. In central midfield he is a real beast. Noted it to you.


5Steven Gerrard

And another Englishman, which you can make good use of the ZM. Expects high offensively- and defensive work values ​​and above all very stark shots of Steve G.



6Johan Cruyff

The Dutchman is a true legend and perhaps one of the best soccer players in history. At last he has his own FUT icons card in play. We're glad.


7Miroslav Klose

The best scorer in the history of World Cup. Even better than the Brazilian Ronaldo. One of Germany's best striker ever.


8Roberto Baggio

For many of the Italians will not be forgotten. He is one of the greatest players the Serie A has ever produced. Mark you this player. As ZOM he will be a real monster in the game.


9Fabio Cannavaro

There are few FUT icons in the defensive area, Therefore we are pleased, is that Fabio Cannavaro as IV finally here. It will be essential in the game.


10Clarence Seedorf

Much like Ruud Gullit and Seedorf will play a very important role in FUT. His values ​​are extremely balanced, making it a great all-rounder. We will see these players often in great teams.



An absolute legend in Brazilian football player. He has almost every other game scores. No wonder, that we from him this season in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team will see.

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