If you thought FIFA 18 was the highlight, who has not with FIFA 19 expected. This year it has done it again Electronic Arts, that a game was ruined. There are now five updates for FIFA 19, which have turned the gameplay through 180 °. The game from the release has nothing to do with the game today. That annoys not only the professional eSports, but also each player, which has bought the game.

If it is intentional?

Many players can not believe it and some are sure: This is intentional! Die These: EA released intentionally broken or. unfinished Games, so they constantly keep talking. Meanwhile, the game has become an emotional affair. On Facebook, Twitter and on YouTube you can see how the players lose it and criticize EA.

How reacts Electronic Arts?

As some of you already have been excluded some professional eSports tournaments and banned. The official statement reads, that these players would have been disrespectful and offensive behavior towards other players. But we're honest: Who would in this game, which is full of scripts and Momentum, get no emotional outburst? What EA is doing is following: Anything can harm them what will be banned without mercy. There are now entire YouTube Channel, criticizing the game. To view bugs, Glitches and much more on.

FIFA 19 UT New 2

since FIFA 15 it went relentlessly downhill

Many readers of Atari-Gamers want the old days back. Why? because FIFA 98 to FIFA 14 virtually no momentum had. from FIFA 15 then we saw, how it got worse every year. At first it was just a rumor, but now it is quite clearly demonstrated: Momentum there! Especially in FIFA Ultimate Team will have any remarks. Sometimes nothing works, no pass arrives, Defenders come to nothing, Goalkeeper make strange errors, and more.

It will be exciting to see how EA will handle it. You run in any case the players from. A real alternative is there with Pro Evolution Soccer Unfortunately not. The gameplay is better, but that is in such a bad game like FIFA 19 not really hard. Another problem are the licenses, EA which have mostly secured exclusive.

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