As you've probably already noticed the popular FIFA franchise is a slow-dying game. What has already indicated slowly over the last two years is now grim reality. Sadder still is the whole, when you see, how EA is now directed against their own players. Many FIFA YouTuber play a very dubious role.

Do they work for or against EA EA?

First and foremost are the YouTuber on the hype and the Success wave of FIFA justified. Without the once popular game, it would interest anyone at, if someone does not play or FIFA. The Ultimate Team mode probably plays the largest role. They are very heavily dependent on EA, because would play no longer work tomorrow or it would not be a new part, then the demand for the game would be extremely sink and they had to look for a new game. Meanwhile, there are also many YouTuber, who have turned against Electronic Arts and criticize the game publicly. The consequence, that more and more FIFA YouTuber and professional eSporter be banned. The fame of many FIFA YouTubers based but that, that they make compilations of Pack Openings, which you then the absolute incentive deliver FIFA Points to buy. So you work in a certain way for EA. They manipulate you to the effect, that they never show you how much garbage they have pulled out of the pack, but only for good players they have what get this time. This differs from reality very much on. The reality is, that can spend their hundreds of euros, but its probably not a player with 85+ will be moving. Not to mention of FUT icons throughout.

YouTuber and hate relationship with FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

Everybody knows, but very few speak it to clear. To put it briefly: The game is every year worse. Now it's been over three months, that EA, the new FIFA 19 published, but the game is still not finished. There is always new and additional bugs and glitches. The gameplay is similar to that of FIFA 18 and was made even worse. Nevertheless, the game each year gets super good reviews and the FIFA YouTuber celebrate it. Why? More and more players are turning away from the game. Some even convert Pro Evolution Soccer, which is not necessarily better. Unfortunately, EA has happens to be the absolute supremacy, in terms of licenses. That's the only straw, which is adjoined Electronic Arts can cling. From Gameplay-wise, the game is dead.

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