Fortnite “Solid Gold” is now available!

In the Battle Royal shooter Fortnite there is a Brand new temporary game mode. This is called "Solid Gold" - Pure Gold. In this mode, players compete only with the best weapons against each other and thus can gain experience with the spoils. Unfortunately, this game modes is limited in time and therefore can not always be played. The developers of Fortnite have not yet been announced by when this event will be limited.

In the game modes "Solid Gold" is as I said only golden weapons leads to what it does not exist shotguns or some other weapons. Because not every weapon there is a golden variant. However, this also ensures the, the search is done quickly for good weapons and for the fight against other opponents, is performed faster and more effectively. However, there are ordinary consumable items such as bandages, Booster or grenades. These items are excluded from the "Only Gold" principle.

This game mode can be played by you alone not. If you want to play Solid Gold, you need to interact with several friends. In the coming months the developer Epic Games has announced already other new game modes and will thus further increase its fan base. Also a game mode by her with 50 vs. 50 antretet to be added in the future. If you that you should be interested to pursue their Here we will inform you immediately as soon as we have more details on new game modes.


What else is there so new?

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