Use the brand new FIFA 18 coins Hack

Who has not heard of a FIFA 18 coin generator belongs?

Any fan of FIFA Ultimate Team knows these videos, Pictures and posts on Facebook, YouTube oder Twitch. Some people post as many correct free FIFA 18 coins and points get no money to pay. We wondered: Will the real? Or is a FIFA 18 coins hack just was?

First, we have of course had a listen to our friends, if anyone has ever used such a tool. Unfortunately, no one, but each of them had ever by a FIFA 18 hack belongs. In effect, the courage was lacking. The fear, that the Xbox Live, PlayStation Network or simply Origin account is hacked and the coins disappear and players, was just too big.

fifa 18 coins generator

A friend has given us but the Skype contact from someone, which allegedly actually free FUT 18 coins and points won on his PSN account. Of course, we immediately geaddet him personally and asked him. He referred us to a website that is This site offers a FIFA 18 coins generator complete on German to. This did of course very happy, because until now we could still find hacks and generators, were that either English or French.

If you go the first time on you immediately recognize the FIFA 18 hack. This site says about itself, that they are the only functioning German site with cheats, hacks, tips and tricks for FUT 18 be. This sounds very promising, but they can promise this really hold? We have attempted. We have each account us a new PSN and a new Xbox One account created. Of course, we did not want to risk, that our account is hacked. The page looked so pretty trustworthy far from, but you never know. First, we have our Xbox Live GamerTag or. entered our PSN ID. Then we have selected on which console we play. To select stand PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or more recently the Nintendo Switch. It is important, that you write your user name correctly, otherwise it could be namely, that you present your coins and points will not receive. Also, you should not run in the background the game. In the Web App or FUT companion on iOS Android can stay logged her quiet. Now it works for the fun part. You can now select, how many coins and points like want to have on your account you. We've discussed briefly, trying each 5 Million coins and 100.000 to get points. Then we have the bottom of the “to generate” clicked button. A process is started which is approximately 10 took second. Then a message came with “congratulation, log in 10-15 Minutes in your account and have a lot of fun with the coins and points”. That was it.

fifa 18 coins hack

You can not even imagine how excited we were, if she free FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Coins and Points really our PS4 and Xbox One have arrived. When we then have the surprise was logged us great. We had actually received all the coins and points – of course, on our test accounts. Now, a few weeks later all the coins are still present. The account was not removed. We could put together a pretty blatant Team, which we will now dominate the Weekend League.

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