This year was actually a very successful year for the Harry Potter franchise. Although not a new book and no new film has been released, Harry Potter this year was so popular in a long time!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery made the beginning

In April 2018 Hogwarts is Mystery appeared for iOS and Android. In this role-play their own slips into the role of a new magician. You can create you own character and solve mysterious puzzles in Hogwarts Castle. It is an exciting and very fun game. Not just for Harry Potter fans a must, but also for lovers of role playing!

but the game not only made positive headlines, but has also been heavily criticized. Mainly because of the coated micro-transactions and virtual currencies, which are very common in the game. There are various objects at Hogwarts Mystery, which are really necessary to be on a long time successfully in the game. Among them will harm not only your wallet, but also the fun. In games especially always fun and the whole gaming experience should focus on, but characterized, that there are exaggerated microtransactions, a latch is fed to the game. Therefore, we have committed ourselves by Atari for gamers, that there are other methods now, which ensure, that their free energy and many other items can get. With our Cheats, Tips and Tricks for Hogwarts Mystery can you then completely carefree play as long as you want without your real money to spend. There are of course many other websites, which one similar Hack Tool to offer. so just look around times, if you fans of Hogwarts Mystery are and will you no longer use real money.

harry potter wizards unite mod apk

Harry Potter Wizards Unite stands in the wings!

Much has been rumored is when the new AR game officially released. Niantic, which among other things, the super popular AR game Pokemon Go developed, have now announced, Harry Potter Wizards Unite in the year 2018 is published. Many fans believe, that it at the same time or. will be released shortly after the release of the second part of the film "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find" in the Google Play gates and iOS App Store. This would of course make a lot of sense, because the film could provide a further boost to the Downloads, because the actions are very similar. When Wizards Unite you can namely, similar to Pokemon Go, run around and catch Beasts. Here's the way the best tips and tricks for Harry Potter Wizards Unite. We also offer Atari gamers Cheats an, thus you will have a real advantage in the new Wizards Unite.

We wish you much fun with the two Harry Potter games!

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