Since the release of NBA 2K Mobile you now have the choice of two basketball games for iOS and Android. The battle between the developers Take Two (NBA 2K) und Electronic Arts (NBA Live) is thus no longer be played on the console, but also on the smartphone and tablet. We wanted to know, which game is better?


NBA 2K Mobile hat Vor- and disadvantages

Since the game of Take Two still relatively new, there are still many bugs in the game. It is not yet fully developed. Nevertheless, it can be very loose and play well. However, the biggest benefit is likely to be, that the microtransactions in the game (still) are not as important. There are coins and it was already. to form a strong team should thus be much easier than in the game of Electronic Arts. In the end, it comes down to, how much money do you want to pay, or shall. The urge for virtual currencies in NBA 2K Mobile much lower than for NBA Live.

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NBA Live Mobile - there's a long time but not popular

Electronic Arts has not the best reputation, when it comes to Mobile Games. Games like FIFA Mobile, Sims Mobile and some other are indeed pretty good from the game mechanics, but the games are something of pay-to-win, that it can be very boring and expensive. Who does not want to spend his real money for the game will not have a lot of fun. This can be really annoying. NBA Live Mobile is in principle the same as FIFA Mobile and some other games. It is updated every year, but in principle it is always the same.

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