In the coming days and weeks I will give you tips and tricks for Pokemon games. But let me introduce you only imagine once: My name is PokeFreak, 43 Years old and I am a huge fan of Pokemon, since I first series on RTL 2 have seen. I am one of the few, which the game Pokemon have bought blue for the Gameboy, after it is published in Germany. For several months, I am now part of the Atari Gamer Community. I discovered this great blog, because I looking for Pokemon Go cheats war, which is the best and strongest trainer could help me to be far and wide.

pokemon blau rom

What can you expect from me?

As a passionate fan Pokemon and trainer of course I own every single game on the Gameboy, N64, Gamecube and now also on the mobile phone. Currently, I am looking forward to the new Pokemon Pikachu Lets Go for the Nintendo Switch, which of course I already have and the game I'm going to buy me a matter of course. Then you can leave you. As the name "Pokemon August" says it all turns in this month at the Games. You can expect quite a few free Rome as the associated emulators to bring the games to run.


Here's a little taste. Look forward to the following games:

  • Pokemon Blau Rom
  • Pokemon Rot Rom
  • Pokemon Gelb Rom
  • Pokemon LeafGreen Rome
  • Pokemon Feuerrot Rom
  • Rom Pokemon Sounds
  • Pokemon Kristall Rooms
  • Pokemon Silber Rom
  • Pokemon Emerald Rom

and much more! To put it briefly you can every single Pokemon Rom free download. In addition there are the following Emulator, which you play on your PC, Laptop, iOS- let them play and Android Smartphone:

  • Nintendo 3DS Emulator
  • Gameboy Advanced Emulator
  • GameCube Emulator
  • N64 Emulator
  • NDS Emulator

and a number of other emulators for your PC, Tablet and mobile phone!


If you can not wait, I can give you the Pokemon Quest hack recommend, offering what Atari gamers for a few days. So you have to get objects, which actually cost money for nothing on your profile. Great, is not it? At that time in Pokemon Blue I am always with the Zinoberinsel top right along the edge swum. So I could the item at the 6. multiply point in the PokeBox. Hacks and cheats have time already works. Other times, but the same principle.

A small excursion into the past to prepare you:

now save time and real money!

Be informed when we publish new tips and tricks. Thus you will save real money and have more success in the game!

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